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Sorry but we have to get a bit legal.


1) The ‘fair go’ rule applies to all of our terms and conditions. That means if you think they are unfair for any reason, just talk to us, we don’t bite.

2) We love our community and provide a raft of services, some of which cost money. Thus, if you don’t keep up with your subscription payments, we will contact you for a please explain. If we can’t come to an arrangement in a couple of weeks we will have to stop your benefits. We don’t want too! But it’s unfair that you get benefits others are paying for, but not paying. Sure you see this is reasonable.

3) Equally, if you don’t like us anymore (so sad!) you can cancel your membership anytime. No hard feelings, promise! But we would appreciate 30 days written notice so we can manage our arrangements.

4) Helping you build your business is our primary goal. But doing that takes work on both sides. If you are not doing your part don’t blame us, that’s just not cool. However, if you are working hard and doing everything to grow and it’s not working, let us know and we will come up with some solutions!

5) The prices we have right now might change in the future. Lots of things go into running our club and from time to time we may need to adjust prices up or down, but most likely up. We will give you at least 30 days notice of any change. If it really pisses you off, please chat to us and we will see what we can do to make you happy. Consider us the happy police, we are here to help!

6) We love events! In the future we will be adding new ones and possibly changing the ones we already have. We might choose a new venue or time to run them. We will try to be fair to everyone but if that doesn’t suit you, talk to us and we will see what we can do to accommodate your needs.

7) We all love a holiday and when it’s that time of year we celebrate! We appreciate that we might have a slight break at this time but the fees don’t take a break. The membership is for a full 12 months of community so I hope you understand that we need to keep the lights on during this time.

8) If you happen to have a dispute with anyone in the community please raise it with one of the leadership team. Shit happens and we want to make sure it doesn’t make it awkward for anyone. We will mediate the problem and come to a mutually agreeable solution.

9) The brand and online assets of BYOB are important to us so please use them respectfully.

10) We are a social club first and foremost so we want you to have fun! If you are a wet blanket at our events or online we reserve the right to call you on your shit and try to make you smile. :)