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Accountability and Education to produce powerful Breakthroughs in your business

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Terms and Conditions:

  • Requires auto billing via direct debit payment plan so please have a credit card available.

  • Doesn't include production of any digital assets (e.g. websites, photography), these will be quote as required.

  • There is no lock in contract, either party can cancel the agreement with 30 days written notice, however the minimum expected length to value is 3-6 months.

  • You are expected to actively participate in assigned Accountability Group and ensure effort is invested into interacting with the other members so you all get the most benefit from the program.

  • It is expected for you to attend monthly working sessions, however if sessions are missed steps will be taken to keep you on track.

  • Exception is public holidays and scheduled breaks.

Most new businesses fail because the founders don’t make enough money to survive. They feel exposed and afraid that they can’t pay their bills, under-appreciated for their service and give up before they really have a chance to build a strong business.

Our mission at BYOB is to stop this from happening by providing support and referral opportunities in our Social Club. As a member you have seen the benefits of being around other supportive business owners, making partnerships and friendships along the way. We are all in it together.

However, many business owners need a bit more support to get to a sustainable level of income in their business. That’s where BYOB Grow comes in.

BYOB Grow has been designed to provide you the plan, accountability and support to make $100,000 so you can stop stressing and start enjoying working in your business.

This program is not for everyone!! It is invitation only to BYOB Social Club Members, you have to want to increase your sales and revenue and be willing to be kept accountable to your goals.

If you are not prepared to work hard for your clients, listen to feedback and invest in your business, don’t apply as you will distract the others from their missions.

Sounds like a fit for you? Then read on…

Like many things in life, there is a formula for success in business – it starts with a strong business plan and the right tools. Once you have the foundations, it’s all about applying them consistently to your business.

Doing the hard work regularly is the biggest barrier to success. We all slack off and need people to give us the right level of support and accountability to keep on track to making our goals.

That’s where having a support group of like minded peers comes in. Add in the knowledge, experience and guidance of someone who has been through the process and you have a winning formula for success.

That’s what BYOB Grow Group will provide you. There are three key areas:

EDUCATION - What’s your plan to reach $100k? If you don’t have a realistic and written down plan with monthly goals and tracking mechanisms, that’s the first task. BYOB will educate you on how to do this.

Using the Social Star e-ttraction sales funnel, we will create a simple but very effective sales process for your business. This will highlight any deficiencies in your business and also provide actions that can be kept accountable to the group. This process is usually only open to Andrew’s private coaching clients, but it is being made available to BYOB Grow Group members.

ACCOUNTABILITY - Running your own business can be very lonely…and it’s really tough to stay on track to meet your goals and get the results you are working towards. That’s why we need to be held accountable to someone. Research shows that just by having someone else know your goals and call you every week to check on them increases productivity 50%!!

That’s why every BYOB Grow member will have an accountability group. These groups of four will meet weekly to check in on progress to goals and report to the wider group each month. Sound tough? It is! But it works.

SUPPORT - Cathryn and Andrew have your back. Each month for 3 hours they will educate, guide and support you to reach your financial goals. The wider group will work together to support one another and call each other out when someone drops the ball (in a kind and helpful way!).

RESULTS - Develop your compelling business plan and then with the backing of a support network and a business coaches who holds you to the execution of the plan is pivotal in gaining momentum and getting stuff done. With the right combination of education and accountability, a healthy pressure can be applied to you. This pressure will help to identify the intrinsic weaknesses that have been holding the you back. These can then be easily worked on with a competent business coach, guiding development and strengthening the business owners self awareness and business acumen.

Ready to make $100k?

BYOB GROW GROUP - Investment $497 (+GST) recurring monthly payment

  • BYOB Social Club

  • Monthly working sessions 3 hours (Friday before drinks 2-5pm)

  • Accountability groups (Crew of 4x meeting weekly)

  • Goals $100k earnings measured by $10k month

  • Monthly Education Webinars

  • Time management

  • Personal development 

  • Access to resources, tools and templates

  • 1st session kicks off with setting out your - 90 day plan, revenue goals, sales process, product process.

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Want personal advice on top of the BYOB Grow Program?

Ask Andrew or Cathryn about the BYOB Mentor Program, including:

  • BYOB Social Club

  • BYOB Grow Group Program

  • 90 Minute Face to Face or Zoom call with Coach every month

  • Personalised support - unlimited email and text

  • Extra 2 x Laser calls if required per month

  • Investment $997 (+GST) recurring monthly payment