#BYOB EPISODE 31 - From Good Girl Accountant to lifestyle Entrepreneur and personal brand consultant, How to create a side Hustle and make it a full time business.


New personal brand coach of Social Star, Elva Li, joins us in Episode 31 of the Build Your Own Business Podcast. Elva shares her inspiring story from growing up in Shanghai, moving to Australia to pursue further studies, and then quitting her job and following her passion. Her work today involves helping female entrepreneurs, like her,  create a personal brand that makes them feel confident online so that they can stand out from the crowd and attract their dream clients.

What is covered in this episode:

  • The services that Elva offers.

  • Elva’s first paying job, her educational background, and her exposure to her parent’s business.

  • The reason why she chose to study in Australia.

  • How her exposure to small and starting businesses and high-end net worth clients helped her.

  • How high net worth people think and do things differently.

  • The story of her transition from accountant to being a health coach and now a personal branding expert.

  • The most impactful groups that she recommends.

  • Her passion for creating websites for entrepreneurs.

  • The story of quitting her job, pursuing her passion for personal branding and her vision for the future.

  • Advice for people who are still employed but want to become a successful entrepreneur.


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