#BYOB EPISODE 27 - From Business Owner to Coach: Find out how Lynn ended up doing what she really LOVES


Lynn Garbers, President of Eagle Achievements, shares her story from being an enterprising kid at the age of 8 to having a business and becoming a successful coach. She has educated herself through the process and has gone through several career switches before ending up doing what she really loved. And in this episode, she shares with us her interesting journey that led her to where she is today.

What is covered in this episode:

  • Lynn’s background and the services she offers.

  • Her interesting job and entrepreneurial history.

  • Her turning point to having her own business and the story of how she became a coach.

  • The strategies she uses in her services.

  • A background on her clients.

  • Lynn’s advice for people who want to develop their career.

Links Mentioned:

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