# EPISODE 28 - Leveraging your Digital Profile: STEP 3: Pitching is the tip of the Sword


In this episode, Andrew discusses step 3 of leveraging your digital profile which is pitching. He goes through the Ettraction pitching methodology and how it relates to the sales and content models.

What is covered in this episode:

  • What is pitching?

  • The 5-step pitching methodology that Andrew uses and the explanation for each stage.

  • His explanation of the 3 important middle steps of the pitching methodology to help you communicate with your prospective clients: Problem, Solution, Why you?

  • The first and last steps of the methodology: Tease and What’s Next is where he discusses how to tease people, make them interested and ask more about what you do.

  • Andrew walks us through how he pitches his business to other people in real life situations and how you can apply this to your own pitch