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Andrew Ford

How e-ttractive are you?

If a client Googled your name, what would they find? Do you know?

This is the challenge for modern business leaders as everyone can be found online, we all have a digital shadow. This digital presence creates a perception of our brand and can win or lose business if we do not manage it carefully.  Some leaders choose to hide from social media but this creates the perception of being a digital laggard or conspicuous by your absence. What are you hiding? Either way, it's now essential to managing your public persona.

But why just manage it when you can use it for your personal and business advantage.

I have worked in digital marketing and branding for over 15 years in global tech businesses like Hewlett Packard and IBM. I also have a passion for education, completing a masters degree in Entrepreneurship and lecturing at RMIT and Monash University.

At Social Star, I have worked for over five years to create a reliable solution building your own business, it's called e-ttraction - creating digital attraction.  Through my 12 step process, I help people wanting to build their brand or start their own businesses create the assets they need to get started in sales and marketing.

I have worked with hundreds of leaders from entrepreneurs, CEO's, celebrities and small business owners.

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Cathryn Mahon

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Cathryn is an Ideas Generating Machine, she loves developing new concepts & business ideas especially when working with people who are filled with passion & want to create a purpose-based Business. Her keen eye for detail, intuition, diverse business knowledge and ‘fix anything attitude’ breathes life back into the most stagnate of Businesses.

Cathryn’s mission is to help people build Sustainable, Effective, Lucrative & FUN businesses.

Top Values: Family, Business, Spirituality

Wealth profile: Mechanic

Personality profile: ENFP-T

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Elva Li BYOB

Elva Li

I help female entrepreneurs create a personal brand that makes them feel confident online so that they can stand out from the crowd and attract their dream clients. With a background in Business and Finance, I have combined my creative flair with my business savviness to help female entrepreneurs bring their visions to life and turn their dreams into reality. Everything I do exudes style, elegance and timelessness, because these are a necessity, not a luxury. I have been featured on LadyBoss Asia, This Women Can and have been seen on ABC, CBS, Fox, etc.

I am a girl from Shanghai with her own big dreams. If you are also a female entrepreneur like me, you’re someone who has chosen to take the risk of building a business that expresses who you are and allows you to live in your genius zone and do the things you love .... then somewhere along the line you felt like you didn’t fit in the 9-5 job... somewhere along the line, you felt like you were different from everyone else around you. If you’re like me, you know deep inside that there’s something more, there’s something different, there’s something better. I believe there’s a luxe brand in everyone. Luxe is not about Dior or Chanel. Luxe is a feeling of worthiness, knowing you are good enough and owning your quality to lead and inspire.

I believe in the power of beauty and elegance in terms of personal growth. In my spare time I love to surround myself with beautiful things, create art work, stay active and sexy fit to wear my little black dresses, enjoy sunshine, fresh flowers and the simple elegant things in life.

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Antonella Alessi, Umatterdad, grief counsellor.jpeg

Antonella Alessi

From my personal journey of miscarrying my precious son at 28 weeks and the overwhelming challenges of suffering, grief and guilt that ensued – I realised from this experience the lack of care, comfort and support available for fathers. Reality is they are suffering the death of a child also, however because they haven’t carried the baby and felt the growth from inside their feelings are put behind that of the expectant mother.

There are few greater challenges for an expectant father than to deal with his partner's miscarriage. While their partner will experience huge physical and emotional challenges in dealing with miscarriage, fathers also feel the loss associated with a miscarried pregnancy and feel helpless to offer support and advice. Often they suppress their feelings and emotions in order to support their partners and keep the family front functioning, despite the crippling grief they are experiencing.

Drawing on my years of experience as a therapist and background in childhood development and parenting, I wanted to create safe space where fathers feel supported through their individual process. I am passionate about opening the lines of communication around this topic for my clients. To help them through the common thought processes, revolve issues around failing, working together setting realistic goals rather than focusing on their grief which creates a disconnection from their relationship.

I encourage my clients to be the facilitator of the process, I am there as support and present key areas that address loss - I am a great believer that as individuals we have a remarkable capacity for self-healing and personal growth, and my philosophy is one that reflects this belief.

If you would like a confidential discussion fill in the form below.

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Lino Sinni

Lino Sinni is the founding Director of The Maven Group, which specialises in brand marketing, sales and management advice for small to medium size businesses. Lino is very passionate about working with business owners to achieve profitable growth.

An experienced and accomplished business executive, Lino provides expertise in implementing strategies for a business turnaround or to implement strategies to accelerate sales growth.

Lino will work with business owners and their team to develop an effective strategy and business plan to achieve sales growth for both B2B and B2C. Lino has vast experience in dealing with Australian national retail chains and understands the approach needed to achieve distribution for brands. He also has extensive experience with export markets both direct and through distributors.

Lino will be able to deliver a clear business strategy and road map to execute plans and tactics. Lino can also review business practises and a provide a financial health check.

With over thirty year’s experience in business management, sales, marketing and finance he can help your business achieve profitable growth. Lino is available for both short term and long-term assignments.

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Ben Coyle

Ben Coyle, the cafe guy, bucketlist coach.jpeg

The Café Guy isn't just about coffee and cafés it is about connection on all levels. Yes I work with Cafes and their owners as I believe they are important in society and create a medium for personal connection. Life is about life experiences and connection.

For a glimpse of how it came to be feel free to read on.

After studying, learning and dipping my toes in the fitness, natural health modalities such as massage and Chinese therapies and other natural areas I started my own Café with a focus in these areas. The Dancing Dog was born in the jewel of Melbourne, Australia's west ...Footscray.

With little to no business or hospitality experience the Dancing Dog morphed from a café with Massage, Yoga, Tai Chi, Belly Dance and African Drumming classes and also acted as an Art Gallery hosting 20 shows a year, to a venue that housed the Dog Theatre contributing to a green room award. Dancing Dog is now a vibrant café/bar with live music, poetry, comedy and a real community vibe.

With a short stint back in Customs I returned to the Dancing Dog to launch my own style of hospitality training which seeking to fill an ever increasing gap between job seekers and employers. I launched 'Spilling the Beans' in September 2015, a book that helps new or potential cafe onwers and my second book is on it's way.

'Spilling the Beans' was inspired by watching too many café owners struggle to stay in business and by own lessons. That combined with professionalism growing within the Hospitality Industry led me to develop my own hands on training system for cafés and becoming the Café Guy.

I know speak to groups to inspire connection and greater work ethics to achieve common goals.

Look forward to connecting with soon,

Kind Regards,

Ben Coyle.

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Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor is a champion in every sense of the word. An extremely high performer in her corporate career as an Agile IT Consultant, a sought after performance coach for business leaders and a world champion bodybuilder with over a dozen World titles to her name. 

Sarah has the credibility and personality to transform a business and it's people from average to extraordinary. Her unique combination of world-class training methodologies, knowledge of corporate cultures and health philosophies makes her stand out amongst the crowd of business leaders.

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Darren Bourke

Darren Bourke is a Business Coach & Mentor to small business people ready to grow their organisations.

With twenty-five years experience in the business arena successfully navigating my own personal journey to success, I have a keen eye for identifying what makes successful entrepreneurs and businesses tick. I have a passion for work life balance and an innate ability to communicate my formula for success to the business owners and coaches that I mentor.

Having a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Melbourne University and a postgraduate Chartered Account qualification, my first foray into the corporate world came first as an Accountant with International Accountancy firm Deloitte, then later as a Business Services Manager with Pitcher Partners.

I am an expert in small-medium business development and offer one-on-one coaching & mentoring. I specialise in helping start up businesses move from survival to sustainability and help existing businesses maximise profitability, productivity, people and performance.

I have written a book titled The Fourth Moon which fits in with my experience of working and coaching businesses to sustainable success and I have also developed a Fourth Moon Mastery Program which guides business owners down a path of success to achieve their own financial and personal goals.

Specialties: Business coaching, profit improvement, life/work balance, mentoring, financial analysis, motivation, marketing, executive development, business planning, systemisation of business process.

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Leah Zartz

I specialise in helping returned soldiers from war zones to get over traumas that haunts them after witnessing atrocities in battlefield. This causes issues such as depression, anxiety, broken relationships and sleeping issues. It doesn't have to be that way!

Forty five percents of people will experience a mental disorder in their lives - and that percentage keeps growing. Having done a lot of training and studying depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, and having experienced these issues in my own life - I know how it can rob people of their potential, ability to make the most of their lives and talents. The method I use works on the sub-conscience, where traumas are stored and most decisions are made, helping my clients to change the picture in their mind thus change their reaction to it. So far this method has had over 90% success.

I founded Back On Track Coaching in 2016, in order to help people who have been hit by traumas, mainly returned soldiers but also anyone else who needs help with PTSD, to overcome these issues in a way that does not require drugs, talking therapy of too many sessions.

If you or someone you know, has these symptoms, they may be suffering from PTSD. Help is available so message me for a confidential initial discussion. It's free and could change your life.

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Edwin Reese

Edwin was born in Far North Queensland, the eldest of seven children. He actually started taking photos on a "Box Brownie" at around 8 years of age, an interest that continues today on location or in a Purpose built Studio set at home.

After graduating Atherton High School he entered a Printing career which spanned some 15 years. Always interested in creating and learning new ways to help people and do business he studied Business Management at RMIT then in 2008 started a business called "Teach2China".

In 2005 Edwin started working in Local Government with the goal of making a positive difference to people and the environment. Continually educating himself firstly in Local Government then in Court Procedures Edwin gained Formal Qualifications in the Local Government Compliance space.

On any given day Edwin continues to work in his favourite areas of Education, Photography & Internet Marketing, helping other people reach their goals.

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Brian Le Mon

The thought of outsourcing can be a daunting prospect for many business owners.

The perception of relinquishing control to an “unseen” entity who is then responsible for providing that service either directly to your company or to your customers as a representative of your company can often seem like too much of a distance from your current business and a leap of faith into the unknown.

For the Business owners and managers that represent our Client base, we wanted to bridge the gap between the known world and the unknown mystery of outsourcing. Having worked with local (Aussie) employees as a manager and consultant and also with multicultural international teams and staff, we found that we were uniquely positioned to know both worlds very well and have the knowledge to effectively select and manage the best staff to perform beyond the expectations of our Clients.

At Ethical Outsourcing, our model works on the premise that whilst paying minimum or below minimum wage could make short term financial sense (if you do not examine output), it does little to encourage loyalty from exceptional talent and essentially only ensures that those who are unable to find a better offer continue working and do so with a lacklustre motivation. So instead we decided our policy was to pay an above average wage, offer improved employment conditions and keep our costs and profits at a reasonable level to ensure we can provide a superior employee to our clients at a low price. or even attract personnel who would be commanding a much higher salary to work with our clients.

I also have developed this ongoing built in desire to build and mentor my employees (even when they are contracted to another company), so I run regular monthly catch-up meeting via Skype with both the employee and client (separately) to discuss progress in the previous month and identify any areas for potential improvement or issues that arise.

I am more than familiar with being a cultural gateway for Australian clients to work with Eastern cultures and have ensured that this is a key differentiating factor that Ethical Outsourcing can provide. For the life of the contract we retain a position of coaching and mentoring the relationship between our clients and employees, so it is all but guaranteed to succeed.

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Antony Anderson

Antony Anderson is the Wine Matchmaker (WSET3), passionate about helping people get wine confident. No more “bottle shop shock” or wine list indecisions. Learn Antony’s 4 step process for gaining confidence when it comes to selecting, cellaring and getting the maximum enjoyment out of wines from all over the world.

Antony’s not about high end wine. He’s about demystifying “wine-wank” and making wines more accessible to everyone who has an interest in the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage.

Antony’s publishes his “no holds barred” reviews of wine on Vivino, and openly discusses his food pairings and who a wine is best matched to on his blog and social media posts, ensuring the success of your next dinner party or corporate event.

And when it comes to doing business, impressing a client, knowing how to select and use the right wines to build strong relationships or land a big business deal is key. Antony’s bespoke wine education will help give you that edge.

Follow Antony to learn more, be offered exclusive wine releases, and be invited to his special underground events.

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Christian Schwaerzler

On 25th March 2012, I achieved a personal goal of completing my first Ironman triathlon in Melbourne.
Looking back, in 2007 I was 140kg. I ate and drank far too much! I did not like myself very much. I lacked energy and self-confidence, along with major health issues as a result of my poor diet and fitness.
I was challenged to compete in my 1st corporate mini-triathlon. I made a choice to take action and improved my lifestyle, by changing my mindset and health. As a consequence in February 2008, despite some setbacks, I managed to finish the race. Exhausted, but inspired I did my next race only 3 weeks later!
Since that time, I have completed a variety of Sprint, Olympic & 1/2 iron distance races and crossing the finish line of the inaugural Melbourne Ironman.
Not only did I lose 50kg in 18 months, as well as improve my health and fitness, I also learned to really like myself. I became a more positive person to be around, full of energy and enjoying my new lifestyle. By choosing to focus on improving myself, I became a better me; a person of more defined purpose.
If I can do it, anyone can do it! Now I have lost 60kg, completed my 11th Ironman and many other events, at the same time working to raise money for charity and focusing on others. My mission is to help, guide and empower others to make positive choices and lasting change in their lives. I have started my own lifestyle and fitness company, Altilife, where we are dedicated to improving people's lives in lifestyle, health and wellbeing through positive mindset.

Change through choice
My life, my choice

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Luke Johnston

After spending way too much time researching bars and pubs around Melbourne I decided that I wanted to have a career change and work with products that I’m passionate about.

I’ve taken aspects of the many bars and pubs that I love and I’ve fused my venue to incorporate all the best parts of these places.

Being a proud Victorian, The Black Sheep Hawthorn will have a strong focus on Victorian beers for the tap selection, Local (Victorian), not so local (Australian) and really not local (the rest of the world) packaged beer options, Australian spirits, Victorian mixers (exclusively Capi) as well as doing pizzas daily with food specials on different days of the week.

Like all good bars the usual suspects will be slowly introduced. Those being happy hours, loyalty programs and trivia nights.

Because she is a huge part of my life, Maggie (the dog in the picture) will be there most days and she would like you all to bring in your dogs to meet her. The venue is dog friendly.

The Black Sheep is now open and I hope to see everyone over the next year.

Luke & Maggie.

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Adam Tambakau

Adam Tambakau hails from the Borneo islands of Sabah, Malaysia, but has now called Melbourne home for more than half his life. Creating his first website at the age of 10, he has always specialised in digital content distribution between multiple media formats:  video being his current bread & butter.

With an undying passion in helping story-tellers turn their words into video, Adam invests his time honing upon his craft as a video editor alongside Mumbrella 2018 award winner & production company of the year Visual Domain.

In his leisure, Adam shares stories on his YouTube channel, covering topics such as language, culture, lifestyle and travel.

Adam is available for Digital Media Development consulting by reaching him at

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Colin Barr

Confidant of Candidates – Trusted Advisor to Clients. Colin Barr takes the guesswork out of recruitment providing process, structure and rigour, recruiting complex and hard to resource roles.

Colin is known for providing honest, intelligent and highly commercial advice to clients and candidates. His 40+ years’ experience in the Recruitment Industry with particular emphasis on Senior Executive Search with depth in the Technology and Engineering Sectors. He strives to deliver the best possible Candidate, not just the best available.

He brings with him 30 years of senior level search and selection experience in IT, Telecommunications, Project Management and Engineering. An engineer by training, Colin is a natural problem solver and he can be counted on to consider all angles and outcomes when it comes to your career.

Colin is the person senior professionals talk to when they want career advice they can trust, and his extensive corporate network (The Barr McIntosh Black Book) is testament to Colin’s experience and influence.

As your trusted advisor, Colin offers completely impartial, insider, expert advice to help you reach your greatest career goals.


- Senior level I.T.&T. Professionals - Business Development Managers
- Consulting Staff across a range of industry specialty - Architects, Solution & Technical
- Technical across Application built & delivery - Project Managers, Business and Technical Analysts
- Telecommunications & Network Specialists - Financial & General Management
- Technical, Development & Application streams

Colin’s aim is to be your Trusted Advisor in your goal to augment, grow or change you career. Known for providing honest, intelligent and highly commercial advice to clients and candidates, he is the person senior professionals talk to when they want career advice they can trust, and Colin’s extensive corporate network is testament to his experience and influence.

Colin has written numerous papers and given many talks on the Search Process. His latest eBook on hiring quality talent, The Recruitment Process – a Step by Step Guide to Delivering Quality Talent, is available upon request.

Married with three children, his interests lie in family and sports. A keen Scuba Diver, he enjoys the outdoors, shares a love of horses with his daughter, and diving, football and cricket with his sons.

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Julius Schwantzer

Julius Schwantzer printer, BYOB.jpg

Julius is an expert printer with a wealth of experience in helping small business with efficient and cost effective printing solutions.  In an age of franchised services, Julius provides more than just printing, he can help your business save time and money with small adjustments to your print process, choice of materials and production scheduling.

Elgin Printing has been serving the local business community for over 45 years, when his German immigrant father Mike founded the business.  Julius initially trained as a tool-maker, but soon was drawn to the family business and has been adding new technology and processes to ensure customers receive the best possible print result ever since.  

His German heritage of quality and process combined with his tradesman practical skills, provides a unique and perfect set of skills for the often changing printing business. His down to earth personality, grounded by his two young children and love of skiing and sports, sees him regularly entertaining his clients as they become more than customers, but more like partners.

Julius is a trusted print advisor for many clients, both large and small and Elgin Printing continues to thrive in a competitive market due to his attention to detail and strong client relationships. Getting the right product to the client on time and budget is the mantra for this business. As Julius says ‘we strive to achieve the best possible result for the client need’. Julius personally oversees all jobs and prides himself on his work and enjoys working with clients who understand the need for quality, but also personal attention that he provides.

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Luke Saunders

Luke Saunders.jpg

Rainbow Alignment- Journey Expert Coach, Massage Therapist, LGBTI and Mental Health Speaker/Facilitator, NDIS provider

(Full Bio coming soon)

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Nigel Mason

Nigel Mason, Chrsalis Advisors, Finance.jpg

Nigel Mason is a Chartered Accountant and Fellow of CPA Australia and been in senior financial roles for most of his career.

A highly experienced General Manager and CFO with strong leadership, analytical abilities and experience in commercial and not-for-profit organisations in delivering superior performance. He has a proven record of communicating critical information in a way that is understood and generates desired outcomes. Having strong overall business acumen leads to an understanding of the organisation’s performance, resulting in a greater depth of understanding of its underlying drivers.

Strong leadership skills as illustrated by establishing a business peer to peer leadership group for 15 businesses over 10 years ago. Also featured in the CPA’s magazine INTHEBLACK (May 2018).

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Jodie J Hill & Fahey Younger


Fahey and Jodie, having survived the cut throat world of commercial radio, live comedy performance and TV/Film writing and production, have finally joined forces to create a service and culture they could not find elsewhere in their professional real estate careers.

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Shaun Doyle

Shaun doyle_Nature HC_on beach.jpeg

Vitality Coaching helps you awaken your natural biology for a stronger, healthier body & mind.

Our modern day way of living is activating the hormones of stress within our bodies far too often and it's affecting our ability to be fit, healthy and happy even. If we can reduce the unnatural stress coming into the body and improve our bodies ability to activate the healthier biology within us - we can then start to get healthier, in better shape and start to overcome our ailments.

We can start to enjoy our lives more.

So how do we reduce the unnatural stress and re-activate the bodily processes which improve our well-being?

We re-nature ourselves!

More and more research is showing us just how much our modern day comforts and perceived stresses are disabling our bodies ability to be innately healthy, strong and resilient.

Our immune system, our sensory feedback systems our hormonal systems are all dysfunctional due to the way we have de-natured our environment, our food, our way of living and even our way of moving.

It's almost the more we have complicated our lives and ways of being - removed ourselves from living with nature, the more out of shape we become, the more our well-being and vitality diminishes.

But there is more and more research showing how we can reverse the effects of stress. And we can be much healthier, fitter and happier with the help of nature (and without having to live in a cave).

The workshops and programs I run help people re-nature themselves within our modern day environment so you can operate from a place of well-being more often.

If you would like more information about how Nature HC can help you or your organisation achieve greater well-being; to find out more about the Re-Nature Yourself Program or to register your interest in a 1/2 day intro workshop contact Shaun via the form below or website

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Leo Glantschnig

Leo Glantschnig facebook.jpg

Expert digital marketing consultant and Founder of Venture Horizn agency. Leo specialises in chat bots, Facebook marketing and anything on the cutting edge of technology and communication.

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Darren Finkelstein

Darren Finkelstein  book.jpg

"You can't buy happiness, but Getting Stuff Done is pretty much the same”.
- Quote by me.

I'm an Accountability Coach, Business Advisor and Presenter that delivers measurable results. I'm well-credentialed throughout my own entrepreneurial career filled by powerful achievement. I bring solid skills with an informed perspective that confirms - 'I walk the talk'.

I work with entrepreneurial business owners, executives and their teams to ensure full accountability so they can meet obligations, promises and commitments to others and themselves. You do realise, that what happens at work directly affects your private life and when you get it right, you'll lead a happier and more fulfilling life. Your family will truly appreciate it...

I'm a passionate, energetic and focused leader that is reliable and underpinned by a proven track record in both large corporate and small business. I worked for 10-years as 'Manager of Commercial Markets' for Apple under the inspirational leadership of Steve Jobs. As a corporate escapee seeking a genuine sea-change, I worked for myself in small business for 15-years in the lifestyle industry, which my business partner and I successfully sold then exited. After that, I managed an engaged community at a new residential and marina development in Melbourne.

I have a deep connection with the ocean, a wanna-be pro surfer who lacks ability but that's never stopped me. I've written three award-winning, bestselling books on boating and lifestyle along the way.

I'm a seasoned radio presenter with 3AW doing the 'Beach and Bay reports' over summer. I love the challenge of live radio and this aligns well with my passion for the outdoors, lifestyle and the ocean.

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Gareth Benson

Gareth Benson Speaker

Gareth Benson known otherwise as an the 'Ideaologist', thrives on helping people commercialise their ideas by understanding the power of their intellectual property in their businesses. 

As a qualified intellectual property lawyer he has also worked as a business affairs specialist  for public and private sector organisations leveraging the future ideas of Australia enterprising idea makers in both scientific and creative fields (CSIRO, SBS Television, Australian Centre of the Moving Image). 

Gareth has consulted with over 500 Australian business owners on the power of their story as presenter, speaker and facilitator and is passionate about the power of ideas to solve problems in an innovation economy, where ideas and intellectual property is the new currency. 

Contact Gareth for IP Law & Speaker on Bridge between Education and Employment.

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James Polidoras

James Polidoras LinkedIn banner.jpeg

I have been active in the advertising sector for 14 years.

I have been blessed to work with some influential game-changers, and learn from a handful of poorly managed businesses.

After all I saw working both client and agency side I decided started the Compilator a marketing Firm completely staffed by industry leaders but still providing the same customer experience as a standard agency. Allowing clients to achieve greater results through collaboration.

We are not the machos who takes selfies in the gym. Nor are we the Wall Street bankers who know you by the size of your wallet. We are the guys who trade online during the summer break and in the rain, enhancing profitability in all marketing streams.

We eat in front of our monitors and take breaks only when sitting begins to hurt. We compose music in our spare hours and will always be on the receiving end of your calls. The Compilator are self-professed gadget-geeks who spin your ideas and transform them into high performing marketing compilations.

In working closely with my clients, I have built a series of innovative marketing, business and product strategies, which respond to the ever-changing business environment.

Should you need any advice please don't hesitate to contact me.

Contact James for advice on marketing if you want to grow your business!

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Tobias Sherson

Tobias Sherson, The art of non performance, book small.jpg

Following my passion for people and inspiring them to greater heights, as they do to me on a daily basis.

Contact Tobias for advice on presenting if you want to grow your business!

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