Benefits of the Club

Becoming part of the BYOB club provides many benefits. But like all opportunities, it gives you as much as you put in!

Fun | Friendship |Podcast Guest |Business Referrals | Pitch Club |Event Space | Community | Support

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Business Fun & Friendship

Having regular connection with a group of like minded people has proven health benefits. Mental and physical. Fun is good for you! It’s often hard to justify the time to go and be social, especially when things seem tough in your business. But this is exactly what you should do - getting an injection of support and ideas from others can be just what you need to get back into the right frame of mind in your business. You also might pick up a referral or two!

One of the main events is our Friday Drinks - scheduled the first Friday of each month. Kid and pet friendly, it’s a chance to relax and celebrate with likeminded crew.

There will be multiple events each month to suit a variety of situations and schedules.


BYOB Podcast Guest

In the Build Your Own Business show, Andrew interviews ordinary people who have left a job they hate to run a business they love. What worked, what didn't and the nitty gritty details of how to start a business based on your knowledge and passion.

If you would like to be a guest on an episode, don't be shy - apply!

As one client stated…“I have been listening to your leveraging your digital profile podcast which have really helped me get my head around what i need to do and how i need to do it - just a matter now of implementing, refining and measuring. 

It’s energised me to get clarity of purpose and direction and am excited for what’s to come.”

— Paul

BYOB members will get exclusive access to be interviewed on the BYOB podcast

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Business Referrals

There are many business groups for referrals, but BYOB is different. We believe in natural referrals; that means you receive them because the person referring you genuinely believes you are great at what you do, likes you and believes you will greatly assist their friend.

Natural referrals happen when you get to know someone and BYOB events present an opportunity for you to get to know likeminded business people in a social environment. After running events for over 10 years I have witnessed many great partnerships spring from a friendly conversation - no pitching required!


BYOBx Pitch Club

Every month we invite 4x BYOB members to present their themselves and their business to the members and guests at the Friday Drinks.

Members are required to practice and submit a sample video or audio before we allow them on stage. We provide pictures of the pitch for your social media and website. Videos can be arranged at members expense.

To see all the event footage head over to our YouTube channel.

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Event Space

Membership provides access to a number of additional benefits. For example BYOB has partnered with The Circle Co-Working space to offer an exclusive benefit to our members. Discounts on training rooms and office desks are available.

Plus we have event spaces in other locations available at reduced rates.

Contact us for more details.


Supporting and Growing Your Business

Further to providing you with opportunities to gain and refer people we also want to see you succeed and grow your business to the extent YOU desire! We know the struggles of being a business owner particularly when you are doing it ALL on your own. We get stuck, caught up in the day to day, we don’t push ourselves out of the comfort zone or we desperately want to try something but lack the knowledge, support and understanding of how to achieve it. Take Workshops for example: They are a fantastic opportunity for Business Owners to impart their knowledge to others, gain a wider audience, following and client. However having the ability and courage to put ourselves out there to run the first workshop is so scary that a lot of business owners retreat away from doing them. You will now have a support team to help guide you through the development and implementation; as well as a whole crew of people that are there to support you and see you WIN! It’s like your first kiss scary as hell leading up to the moment, sweaty hands, stomach in knots and consumed by thought of rejection! But this time it’s your livelihood at stake and you need to protect your investment too.

Winning all round!!